Family Mediation

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1. What is the focus of mediation?

As a Family Mediator my focus is to help you find new ways to communicate. I believe communication in a consultative mode is the key to a prosperous relationship whether as a couple or as parents whose wish is to serve the ”best interest of their child(ren)”. I appreciate the variety that comes with different perspectives and try to blend the differences of the couples I work with, into resolutions that meet their needs.

2. Why do we need to use mediation?

Mediation is a tool used by alternative dispute resolution professionals. When it comes to family matters and marital relationships the situation is much more complex because we are individuals who usually started our first communication through love, tolerance and willingness to give and be understanding. At the start of a relationship we always put our best foot forward to attract the person we want to build a future with. And, now after the passage of years we have come to the conclusion that this is not who I want to be with any longer. Instead of hiring lawyers and going to court to spend money we might not have and fight it out it lets try to peacefully work together to find a mutually acceptable solution which is tailored to our needs.

3. Why should we try to mediate instead of litigate?

When communication lines breakdown between family members who need to be in conversation, negotiation or any form of communication, mediation provides the most peaceful, practical and affordable tool to arrive at lasting agreements. My goal is to work with you through the most challenging times of your relationship and help you plan out the future that you envision for yourself and your child(ren).